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    Autel G-BOX2 Key Programming Adapter For Mercedes Benz And BMW Vehicles

    The Autel G-BOX2 Is An Adapter Compatible With Autel’s IM508 (With Purchase Of XP400 Programmer) And IM608, IM608 Pro Key Programming Tablets Used To Aide In The Programming Keys For Mercedes DAS3 CAN EIS/EXS In An ALL-Keys Lost Situation. The G-Box2 Supports DME/DDE ISN Reading And Writing In Boot Mode On Applicable BMW Vehicles. All Keys Lost Password Calculations Are 4x To 8x Faster. The Number Of Insertions And Removals Of W216 And W164 EISs After The Year 2009 Is Reduced To Zero, Greatly Simplifying The Operation Steps. Support Boot Mode Or Bench Method. G-BOX2 Needs To Be Used With The Autel IM508, IM608 With XP400 Or IM608 Pro.


    Autel G-BOX2


    1. Supports For Mercedes Benz All Key Lost, Faster Calculate Password.
    2. Supports IM608 Or IM508 With XP400.
    3. Used For Faster Mercedes ECU Data And EIS Password Calculation.
    4. Mercedes DAS3 Can EIS/EZS All Keys Lost.
    5. Reduces Reading Time Of W204 ECU Data & W207 EIS By Over 85%.
    6. No Need To Remove And Reinsert The Key For W221 & W164 After 2009 Mode.

    Autel G-Box2:

    • The G-BOX2 Realizes Fast Mode On Vehicle And Bench Of All Keys Of Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Using Ths DAS3 EIS/EZS Are Lost. The Use Of The G-BOX2 Reduces The Time Needed And Eliminates The Process Of Insertion And Removal.
    • The G-BOX2 Can Read And Access Most Engines Manufactured By Bosch Including EDS/ MEx17 Series Engines Used In BMW And Volkswagen Vehicles. This Capability Supports The Ability To Perform Adaptions Of All Keys Are Lost And Engine Is Replaced.
    • The G-BOX2 Is Compatible With The Autel‚Äôs Advanced Diagnostic Tablets Support IMMO And Key Programming Functions.

    Why Buy Autel G-BOX2?

    • AUTEL G-BOX Adapter Can Support Mercedes All Key Lost BMW DME Reading.
    • Reads And Writes Bosch Engine ECU On F Classis Of BMW And MQB Of Volkswagen.
    • AUTEL G-BOX Adapter Use With The Autel MaxiIM IM608, IM508 And Auro IM600.
    • Autel G-Box Adapter Can Work On Mercedes-Benz Vehicles With DAS3 CAN EIS/EZS In AKL.
    • With The Autel Advanced Diagnostic Tablets Supporting IMMO And Key Programming Functions.
    • Autel G-Box2 Adapter Is Specially Designed For Mercedes-Benz Vehicles With DAS3 CAN EIS/EZS In AKL.
    • Supports Fast Mode On Vehicle And Bench All Keys Of Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Using The Das3 EIS/EZS Are Lost.
    • Compare With Other Adapter Autel G-Box Adapter Is More Effective To Reading The ECU Data From W204 And W207 EISs.

    Autel G-BOX2 key programming adaptor for mercedes and BMW

    Main Features:

    1. Mercedes DAS3 Can EIS / EZS All Keys Lost
    2. Work With IM608 Or Autel MaxiIM IM508 With XP400
    3. Can Read And Write BMW DME / DDE ISN In Boot Mode
    4. BMW DME / DDE ISN Reading And Writing In Boot Mode
    5. Mercedes Benz All Keys Lost, Faster Password Calculation
    6. Ompatible With Auro IM600 And Auro IM100 With XP400
    7. Supports Mercedes Benz All Keys Lost, Faster Calculate Password
    8. Used For Faster Mercedes ECU Data And EIS Password Calculation
    9. No Need To Remove And Reinsert The Key For W221 & W164 After 2009 Models
    10. It Helps To Reduce The Time For Reading The ECU Data From W204 And W207 EISs By Over 85%.

    Comparison Between G-BOX1 & G-BOX2:

    1. Mercedes DAS3 Add Keys And All Keys Lost On Bench. (Both)
    2. Mercedes DAS3 All Keys Lost On Vehicle. (Both)
    3. Read Engine Control Module Password By Boot. (Both)
    4. Read Bosch ME/MED/MEVD/EDC 17 Engine Control Module Password On The Bench. (G-BOX2 Only)

    How Does Autel G-Box Work?

    • A. OBDII Operation: All Keys Lost Of Mercedes-Benz Vehicle. (This Method Is Suitable For Mercedes-Benz W204 , W207, W216 And W164 EISs After The Year 2009)
    1. Connect The G-Box To Vehicles OBDII Port.
    2. Remove The Fuse Of Vehicle EIS, Connect The Relay Ports To The Fuse Using The Supplied Fuse Cable.
    3. He Vehicle Has An ELV, Connect The K7 Port And ELV Plug Using The Supplied K-Line Cable.
    4. Connect The G-Box To The Autel Diagnostic Tablet.

    • B. Desktop Operation: All Keys Lost Of Mercedes-Benz Vehicle. (This Method Is Suitable For All Mercedes-Benz EISs That Supported By Autel Diagnostic Tablet.)
    1. Connect The G-Box To The Mercedes-Benz EIS Using The Supplied DB15 Cable.
    2. Connect To The DC Port Of G-Box Using A Power Adapter (DV 12V).
    3. Connect The G-Box To The Autel Diagnostic Tablet.

    G-Box2 Package Includes:

    • Autel G-BOX2.
    • DB15 Cable.
    • K-Line Cable.
    • Fuse Cable.
    • 2PCs X Fuse (5A).
    • 2PCs X Clamp Cable.
    • OBDII Extension Cable.
    • Quick Reference Guide.

    Autel G-BOX2 package list

    R 1226.29 x 3
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    ThinkCar Thinkdiag Car All System Full Functions OBD2 Diagnostic Tool With 16 Reset Functions Work With Android IOS System

    The ThinkCar Thinkdiag Is An Automotive Diagnostic Device Powerful Than Launch, Easydiag, Golo. It Supports Full Systems Diagnosis For The Car ,16 Kinds Of Reset Functions, And 115 Kinds Of Car Software, Multi-Language It Including Kinds Of Car Software. You Can Delete Car Errors Codes And Reset The System If You Have The Thinkdiag.

    Include: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read DataStream, Actuation Test, ABS System, Engine System, SAS System, TPMS System, IMMO System, Battery System, Oil Service System, SRS System, ECU Coding And 16 Special Function Ect…

    Launch THINKCAR Thinkdiag OBD2 Full System Diagnostic Tool

    ECU Coding:

    The Coding Function Is Used To Re-Flash The Vehicle Control Modules. It Is Used To Reprogram Adaptive Data For Vehicle Control Modules After Repairs Or Replacements Of Vehicle Parts; Provide Solutions For The Issues Of Drive-Ability, Fuel Efficiency, Power Loss, Fault Codes, Durability Of Mechanical Parts Etc; Brake The Limitations And Restrictions; Make Full Use Of The Car Hidden Features, Like Change The Chimes On Car, Set How Many Times The One-Touch Signal Flickers For One Touch, Remember Settings For Start/Stop Systems, And More.

    Actuation Test:

    Active Test Is To Test Output Elements. You Can Figure Out Whether A Specific Subsystem Or Component In Your Car Functions Well Or Not By Using This Tool To Make The Tester Outputs Function Instead Of Checking In Ignition Status. For Example, Actuation Tests To Activate Actuators Such As Doors, Windows And Windscreen Wipers Ect.

    Auto Scan Car VIN Code:

    Thinkdiag Can Automatically Scan The Car’s Information, Include VIN Number, Release Year, Model And Engine Type.

    Remote Diagnosis:

    You Encounter Any Problems During Use, You Can Ask A Friend Who Also Owns This Product To Help You Solve It Remotely.

    Launch THINKCAR Thinkdiag OBD2 Full System Diagnostic Tool 1

    16 Maintenance Functions To Meet The Maintenance Vehicle Repair And After-Sales Maintenance.

    • Oil Reset Service.
    • Steering Angle Calibration.
    • Electronic Parking Brake Reset.
    • Battery Register & Battery Maintenance.
    • ABS Bleeding.
    • Electronic Throttle Position Reset & Learn.
    • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration.
    • Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset.
    • Tooth Learning.
    • Anti-Theft Matching.
    • Injector Matching
    • Air Suspension Reset.
    • Gearbox Reset.
    • Sunroof RESET.
    • EGR Reset.
    • AFS Reset.

    Launch THINKCAR Thinkdiag OBD2 Full System Diagnostic Tool Reset Functions

    Launch THINKCAR Thinkdiag Full Function:

    OBD2 Full Function:

    This Diagnostic Software Can Test Vehicle Engine Systems. All Models With Engine Meeting SAE J1850, ISO9241-2, ISO14230-4, ISO15765 Standard In OBD2 & EOBD.

    • View Freeze Frame Date.
    • Support Graph Data Stream.
    • O2 Sensor Test.
    • Evap System Test.
    • On-Board Monitor Test.
    • Read & Clear DTCs.
    • Identify VIN Information.
    • DTC Code Look Up.
    • Turn Off MIL(Malfunction Indicator Lights)
    • I/M Readiness Status Test.

    Other Features Of Thinkdiag:

    Work On Android And IOS Systems: You Only Need To Install The APP On Your Phone Or Tablet To Use It. Thinkdiag Can Not Only Support Android System, But Also IOS System.

    Community Interaction: In Our App, We Provide A Communication Platform For You. You Can Share With Other Users About Your Maintenance Experience, Or You Can Also Check For Related Vehicle Maintenance Knowledge, And Even Seek For Help If You Have Any Maintenance Questions. You Can Also Follow Other Users And Have A Live Chat With Them. Meet More Friends Here.

    Generate A Diagnostic Report & Print Vehicles Diagnostic Report: Thinkdiag Support Do A OBD Vehicles Diagnostic Report, And Print The Vehicles Report From PC It Help You To Understand Car’s Problem And Make You Know How To Repair Car.

    4 Data Display In 1 Graph: Thinkdiag Will Read Vehicle’s Live Data, And Present By Graph. Optional Combination Of Multiple Data.

    Supported Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian.

    1 Year Free Vehicle Software Updates Via Official Website:http://Https://Www.Mythinkcar.Com/

    ThinkCar Thinkdiag Powerful Diagnostic Functions:

    Print vehicles diagnostic report:

    Cover Up To 115 Major Vehicle Manufacturers:

    The Car List: Https://Www.Mythinkcar.Com/Coverage/Checklist

    Launch THINKCAR Thinkdiag OBD2 Full System Diagnostic Tool Vehicle Coverage

    Powerful and Competitive Functions:

    Launch THINKCAR Thinkdiag OBD2 Full System Diagnostic Tool 5

    ThinkCar Thinkdiag Vehicle Coverage:


    ThinkCar Thinkdiag Package:

    1pc X LAUNCH X431 Thinkdiag Dongle.

    R 1532.95 x 3
  • Original price was: R6,199.00.Current price is: R5,499.00.

    Lonsdor LKE Smart Key Emulator 5 In 1 For Lonsdor K518S And K518ISE Key Programmers

    The Lonsdor LKE Smart Key Emulator 5 In 1 Is A Car Key Emulator Newly Released By Shenzhen Lonsdor Technology, As An Ancillary Product For The K518 Key Programmer Device. It Supports Functions Such As Collect Data (Sent From Automobile Ignition Coil) To Detect The Coil Fault And Decode Car Keys; Simulate Key Chips (4D And 46 Chips Are Supported Currently, More Chip Types To Be Continued). Its Lightweight And Convenient, And Can Match All The Vehicle Models With 4D Or 46 Chips By Working With K518. Meanwhile, LKE Adopts A Low-Power Design And Has A CR2032 Button Battery Installed Externally, Which Is Easy To Replace Batteries And Can Avoid Damage To The Casing. Upgraded Through K518 Via Official Website: http://Http://En.Lonsdor.Com/Html/Index


    Lonsdor LKE Smart Key Emulator 5 In 1

    Lonsdor LKE Car Key Emulator Highlights

    • Helper Of K518ISE, K518S.
    • Smart Key Offline Programming By OBD, No Need For Network.
    • Program Hyundai/Kia Without PIN Code.
    • Program BYD Without PIN Code.
    • Program Porsche Cayman, Boxster Without PIN Code.
    • Program Mitsubishi (46/47) All Key Lost By OBD.
    • Generate Chip, Copy Chip, Decode Chip, Simulate And Convert Chip.
    • Need To Work Together With¬†Lonsdor K518ISE¬†Or¬†K518S, Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter For Toyota/Lexus Key Coding Require The¬†Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter

    Lonsdor LKE Smart Key Emulator 5 In 1 features

    Features Of Toyota/Lexus Smart Key All Lost (5 Emulators-In-1):

    • Dismantle-Free.
    • No Need Networking.
    • Localized Computing.

    Generate Chip: LKE Can Work As An Emergency Key To Program When No Dedicated Chip.

    Copy Chip: By Collecting Data To Decode And Copy Chip, LKE Currently Supports Some 46 And 4D Chip Copy.

    Simulate And Convert Chip: Use [Generate Chip] To Make Various Chips, Part Of 4D/46 And SKE Toyota Currently Supported.

    Decode Chip: Decode 46 And 4D Chips To Obtain SK.

    Identify Ignition Coil And Key Chip Type (All Key Lost)

    As K518 Helper:

    • Achieve Programming Key Without PIN For Hyundai And Kia.
    • Achieve Programming Key Without PIN For BYD.
    • Achieve Programming Key Without PIN For Porsche Cayman (2005-2010) And Boxster.

    Product Functions:

    • Simulate Key Chip:¬†Boot K518 Device, Place LKE Into K518 Card Slot, Go To ‚ÄúSpecial Function‚ÄĚ In The Menu Interface And Choose ‚ÄúAnalog Chip->Generate Analog Chip‚ÄĚ To Generate 46 And 4Dchip, Then You Can Generate Various Car Key Chip According To Demand, For Example,46 Chip Can Be Used To Generate Key Chip For Vehicle Models Like Great Wallmotor, Zotye Auto, Geely And Etc; 4D Chip Can Be Used To Generate Key Chip For Toyota, Lexus, Subaru And Etc.
    • Collect Data:¬†This Function Collect Data To Decode Chip And Copy Original Car Chip Data After Chip Is Decoded. Boot K518 Device, Place LKE Into The Card Slot, Go To ‚ÄúSpecial Function‚ÄĚ In The Menu Interface And Choose ‚ÄúDecode Chip‚ÄĚ, You Can Decode Different Types Of Chips.
    • Detect Ignition Coil Fault And Chip Type:¬†Boot K518 Device, Place LKE Into The Card Slot, Go To ‚ÄúSpecial Function‚ÄĚ In The Menu Interface And Choose ‚ÄúIgnition Coil->Detect Ignition Coil ‚ÄĚ To Detect Whether The Coil Is Normal And Identify Chip Type.
    • Upgrade Functions:¬†Boot K518 Device, Place LKE Into The Card Slot, In The Interface Of ‚ÄúSpecial Function‚ÄĚ, Click Function Icon, The System Will Notify Whether To Update, Click OK To Upgrade Online Directly.
    • Instructions For Use:¬†Boot K518 Device, Click ‚ÄúSpecial Function‚ÄĚ Icon And Choose Corresponding Functions (Namely: Identify¬© Chip, Analog Chip, Decode Chip, Ignition Coil) And Operate As Per System Prompts.

    Display Of LKE Smart Key Emulator:

    Lonsdor LKE Smart Key Emulator Specifications:

    • Device Size: 68mmX37mmX11mm.
    • Battery: CR2032.
    • Standby Current: 3.5ua.
    • Working Current: ‚ȧ4ma.

    Lonsdor LKE Smart Key Emulator Package:

    • Lonsdor LKE Smart Key Emulator 5 In 1.

    Lonsdor LKE Smart Key Emulator 5 In 1 package list

    R 2107.95 x 3
  • Original price was: R6,999.00.Current price is: R5,799.00.

    Lonsdor KH100Plus Hand-Held Remote/Smart Key Programmer

    The Lonsdor KH100Plus Is A Versatile Hand-Held Smart Device, Able To Access Control Key, Simulate/ Generate Chip, Generate Remote (Key), Detect Remote Frequency, Detect IMMO, Unlock For Toyota Smart Key And Etc.


    Lonsdor KH100Plus Highlights:

    • Modern Appearance Design, In Line With The Operating Habits Of The Public.
    • Device System Comes With Operation Instructions, Easier For You To Use.
    • It Covers Almost All The Functions Of The Similar Products In The Market.
    • Built-In Super Sensor To Collect Data (Over-Range Data Collection).
    • Exclusive Support For 8A (H Chip) Generation.
    • Built-In WIFI Module, Can Connect To Network At Any Time.
    • 4-PCS Remotes & Smart Key Included.
    • Handy Chip Holder Integrated, 902MHZ Supported.
    • Toyota 8A Smart Key Direct Copy To Add Key (Latest Update)
    • Updates Via Official Website If Applicable:¬†Http://En.Lonsdor.Com/Html/Index
    • Check¬†Lonsdor KH100+ Vehicle List.
    • With Extra¬†Toyota AKL License, KH100+ Will Be Able To Work On¬†Latest Toyota & Lexus All Key Lost And Add Key.

    Function List:

    • Identify Copy.
    • Chip Simulation.
    • Remote Generation.
    • Remote Frequency.
    • Access Control Key.
    • Chip Generation.
    • Coil Identification.
    • Special Function

    Identify/Copy/Generate Chip:

    • Multi-Vendor Chips Supported.
    • Especially Toyota 8A(H) Chip Our Predominance.

    Simulate Chip:

    • Able To Simulate 4D/46/48 Chips.
    • With Built-In Super Sensory Data Collector (No Interference Within 1 Meter When Collecting Data)

    Generate Remote/Smart Key:

    • Dedicated Connector To Generate Remote/Smart Key Online Update Supported.
    • Remote Generation Diagram.

    Dedicated Connector To Generate Remote Key: PS2-7Pin OD3.5


    Access Control/Remote Frequency:

    • One-Click Identify And Copy IC/ID Cards.
    • Copy Multi-Vendor Chips.
    • Detect Remote Frequency Bands With High Accuracy.
    • One Click Identifies ID Card, Able To Copy Multi-Vendor Chip‚Äôs, At The Back Sensor Area.

    Identify Coil:

    1. Search Smart Induction Area Connect Remote Key With Remote Connector, Put KH100+’S Antenna Close To The Pre-Determined Position. If Inductive Signal Is Identified, The Device Will Continuously Make Sounds, Please Check If The Position Is Right (As Shown Below).
    2. Detect IMMO Connect Remote Key With Remote Connector, Put KH100+’S Antenna Close To Key Identification Coil, And Use Key To Turn Ignition ON. When KH100+ Buzzer Beeps, It Means Signal Is Detected.

    Remote Frequency: Enter This Menu, Put Remote Control At The Device’s Induction Area To Detect Remote Frequency.

    Lonsdor KH100Plus Special Function:

    Include: Detect Infrared Signal, Unlock Toyota Smart Key, More Functions, To Be Continued…

    1. Detect Infrared Signal: Put Remote Control At The Infrared Signal Detection Area, Press The Remote’s Button Once. When The Light On KH100’S Screen Is On, It Indicates There Is Infrared Signal, Otherwise There Is No Signal (See Below Pic).
    2. FT Smart Key: For Toyota Or Lexus Smart Keys From Lonsdor, You Can Perform The Following Functional Operations: Read Version Info, Modify Key Value, Unlock And Upgrade Program And Etc. Put In The Smart Key, Click [Select] To Operate.
    3. Unlock Toyota Smart Key/Detect Toyota Key Status: Put In The Smart Key, Click OK To Operate.
    4. Charge Key: For A Chargeable Key With Battery, You Can Perform This Function. Put In The Key, Click [OK] To Operate.

    Lonsdor KH100 Device Components:


    • Device Dimension: 193MM*88MM*24MM
    • Screen Size: 2.8 Inch.
    • Screen Resolution: 320X240
    • Battery: 3.7V 2000MAH.
    • Power: 5V 500MA.
    • Work Temperature: -5‚ĄÉ~60‚ĄÉ
    • USB: USB-B/Charge-Data Transfer.
    • Connector Port: PS2-7PIN OD3.5 7PIN , 1.27 Spacing, The 2nd PIN: NC

    Lonsdor KH100Plus Package List:

    • Lonsdor KH100Plus Hand-Held Key Programmer.
    • 4 Pcs Remotes & Smart Key.

    R 2222.95 x 3
  • R5,999.00

    XTOOL X100 Pro2 OBD2 Auto Key Programmer / Mileage adjustment Including EEPROM Code Reader Free Update Multi-language support

    The XTOOL X100 Pro2 OBD2 Key Programmer / Mileage adjustment is a hand-held device for programming keys in immobilizer units on vehicles.

    This scan tool has a simple and robust design, to make your vehicle service experience much easier!

    XTOOL X100 PRO2

    XTOOL X100 PRO2 Features:

    1. New keys programming
    2. Reads keys from immobilizer’s memory
    3. New immobilizer programming
    4. New ECU programming
    5. Vehicle Identification Number programming
    6. New mechanical key number programming
    7. Reset ECM & reset immobilizer
    8. Easy to operate by the guided menu programming
    9. New remote controller programming
    10. With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes
    11. Upgradeable via web-based download

    XTOOL X100 PRO2 Auto Key Programmer

    XTOOL X100 PRO2 Functions

    XTOOL X100 PRO2 Special Functions

    XTOOL X100 PRO2 Screen Display

    X-100 Vehicle Coverage:

    • Asia:¬†¬†Toyota, Lexus, for¬†Honda, Acura, Mazda, for¬†Nissan, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, for¬†Subaru, Suzuki, Kia, Hyundai, Daewoo, SSANGYONG, Proton, QN Lotus etc
    • Europe: for¬†Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat, for Porsche, Opel, Citroen, Peugeot, Jaguar, for¬†Land rover, Lincoln, Renault etc
    • America: For¬†GM, Cadillac, Buick, Chrysler, for¬†Ford etc
    • China:¬†Great Wall, Chery, Brilliance-auto, Geely, LIFAN, HAFEI, CHANGAN, LANDWIND, BYD, Changan, Changfeng, Changhe, BYD, HN Mazda, Huapu, JAC, LiuZhou, Lufeng, Roewe, SQYL, ZZ Mazda, ZZ Nissan etc


    • MONITOR: 320 X 480 DPI TFT Colour display screen
    • WORKING VOLTAGE: 9V to 18V.
    • APPEARANCE SIZE: (L x W x H): 92 x 33 x 200 mm

    R 2299.63 x 3
  • Original price was: R7,999.00.Current price is: R6,999.00.


    The XTOOL X100 PRO3 Is A Professional Key Matching Machine With 7 Special Functions OBD2/EOBD Diagnostic Function. It The Upgraded Version Of X100PRO2, Which Cancels The Odometer Change And Adjustment Function, But Adds EPB, ABS, TPS Reset Functions, Which Can Meet The Needs Of More The Needs Of Multiple Car Owners.

    All XTOOL Products:

    XTOOL X100 Pro3 key matching


    • Key Programming + Diagnosis + 7 Special Functions.
    • Pin Coding Reading + ECU Initializing + Chip Programming.
    • X100 PRO3 Main Works For Most Of Europe, Asia, America, Australia Car Models Key Programmer.
    • Language Support: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish, Russian.
    • Free Update With Lifetime On Xtool Official Website:¬†http://Http://Www.Xtooltech.Com


    1. New Keys Programming.
    2. Read Keys From Immobilizer Memory.
    3. New Immobilizer Programming.
    4. New ECU Programming.
    5. Vehicle Identification Number Programming.
    6. New Mechanical Key Number Programming.
    7. Reset ECM & Reset Immobilizer.
    8. Easy To Operate By Guiding Menu Programming.
    9. New Remote Controller Programming.

    XTOOL X100 Pro3 special functions


    • Oil Reset Service:¬†Performs Reset For The Engine Oil Life System, Which Calculates An Optimal Oil Life Change Interval Depending On The Vehicle Driving Conditions And Climate, And Turns Off The Warning Light;
    • Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Service:¬†Maintains The Electronic Braking System Safely And Effectively Through Deactivating And Activating The Brake Control System, Assisting With Brake Fluid Control, Opening And Closing Brake Pads, And Setting Brakes After Disc Or Pad Replacement, Etc.
    • Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Service:¬†Performs Calibration For The Steering Angle Sensor (SAS), Which Permanently Stores The Current Steering Wheel Position As The Straight-Ahead Position In The Steering Angle Sensor EEPROM. On Successful Completion Of The Calibration, The Steering Angle Sensor Fault Memory Is Automatically Cleared.
    • IMMO Service:¬†Enables You To Disable The Lost Vehicle Keys And Program A Replacement Key Fob.
    • ABS Bleeding:¬†ABS Brake Bleeding To Get A Firm Brake Pad After Air Exhaustion.

    And Many More …


    • Reading Codes:¬†Show The Detailed Description Of The Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTCs)
    • Erasing Codes & Reset:¬†Turns Off Check Engine Light (MIL), Clears Codes And Resets Monitors.
    • Data Stream:¬†Reads And Displays Live ECU/PCM Data Stream, Plotting Functions Graphically And Stores Freeze Frame Data.
    • I/M Readiness Status:¬†Shows Whether The Various Emissions-Related Systems On The Vehicle Are Operating Properly And Are Ready For Inspection And Maintenance Testing.
    • Read Live Data Stream:¬†Show The Information Of Continuous Data Stream From A Vehicle In Live Graphic (Waveform) Display.
    • View Freeze Frame Data:¬†Check The Certain Vehicle Conditions Which Are Recorded By The On-Board Computer At The Time The Emission-Related Fault Occurs.
    • O2 Sensor Test:¬†Allows Retrieval And Viewing Of O2 Sensor Monitor Test Results For The Most Recently Performed Tests From The Vehicle‚Äôs On-Board Computer.
    • On-Board Monitor Test:¬†Retrieves And Displays Test Results For Emission-Related Powertrain Components And Systems.
    • Read Vehicle Information:¬†Display The Information Namely: VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID) And CVN (Calibration Verification Number), Etc.
    • Component Test:¬†Certain Vehicle Components Can Be Actuated By Commands Sent From The Scanner To Test Their Operability.

    XTOOL X100 Pro3 screen display


    X100 PRO3 Support Most Europe, Asia, America, Australia Vehicle Models.



    • Screen: 4 Inch 320*480
    • CPU: STM32
    • Memory: 8G TF
    • Working Temperature: -10¬įC-60¬įC
    • Storage Temperature: -20¬įC-70¬įC
    • Working Voltage: 9V-18V
    • Interface: USB/TYPE C
    • Appearance Size: 92*33*200mm (LxWxH)


    • X100 Pro3 Main Unit.
    • HONDA-3.
    • OBDII-16.
    • KIA HYUNDAI-10.
    • KIA-20.
    • EEPROM.
    • EEPROM Adapter.
    • Power Adapter 12V 1A.
    • Main Cable.
    • Micro USB Cable.
    • US Power Adapter.
    • EU Power Adapter.
    • Plastic Box.


    R 2682.95 x 3
  • Original price was: R7,999.00.Current price is: R7,199.00.

    Lonsdor Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter For Toyota Lexus Proximity Key Programming For Lonsdor K518S & K518ISE

    The Lonsdor Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter Fit For Toyota Lexus Proximity Key Coding Work With Lonsdor K518ISE And K518S Key Programmers And Support Min. 90% Toyota/Lexus Up To 2021 Smart Key Programming.


    Lonsdor Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter


    1. Support 90% Toyota Lexus (Up To 2021) Proximity Smart Key Programming No Need Pin Code.
    2. 8A: DST-AES 88 A8 A9 AA.
    3. 4A: HITAG-AES.
    4. Covers All Functions Of Toyota AKL License.
    5. Need To Work Together With Lonsdor K518ISE Or K518S, All Key Lost Also Require The LKE Emulator.

    Lonsdor Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter Functions:

    • Backup Immo Data.
    • Add Key By OBD.
    • All Key Lost.
    • Delete Key.
    • Free Password To Program Dealer Key & Lonsdor FT Specific Key.

    Lonsdor Super ADP Supported List:

    Toyota 8A.
    Camry/2013-2021, Highlander/2013-2021, Land Cruiser/2014-2021, Avalon HV/2019-2021, Prado/2014-2021, Crown/2015-2021, Alphard/2015-2021, Vellfire/2015-2021, Previa/2015-2021, C-HR/2018-2021,Lzon/2018-2021, Wildlander/2018-2021, Rav4/2014-2021 Prius/2015-2021, Avalon/2019-2021, Corolla EX/2013-2019,Harrier/2021

    Lexus 8A.
    UX Series/2018-2021, RX Series/2013-2021, NX Series/2017-2021, LS Series/2013-2021, IS Series/2013-2021, GS Series/2013-2021, ES Series/2013-2021

    Toyota 4A.
    Livin/2021, Allion/2021, Corolla/2019-, Corolla HV/2019-2021  Levin/2019-, Levin HVI/2019-2021.

    How To Connect Lonsdor ADP Adapter:

    • Locate The Smart Box.
    • Connect Lonsdor ADP 8A/4A Adapter To K518 Series Programmer Interface.
    • Disconnect The Interface Between The Smart Box And The Car, Then Connect The Smart Box And ADP Adapter Via The Professional Wire Harness.
    • Connect ADP Adapter To The OBD Port Of The Vehicle.


    Make Sure The K518 Key Programmer WiFi Connection Is Good, Then You Can Do The Following Operations Based On The Tips On The K518 Series Machine.

    • Backup IMMO Data.
    • Generate Emulator Key AKL (8A/4A)
    • Add Smart Keys.
    • Delete Smart Keys.

    Note: No Need To Generate Lonsdor LKE Smart Key Emulator When Adding Smart Keys. However, You Must Generate Lonsdor LKE Smart Key Emulator When All Your Keys Are Lost.

    Package List:

    • ADP-25 Adapter.
    • 27Pin Cable.
    • 24Pin Cable.
    R 2759.63 x 3
  • R8,799.00

    Humzor NexzDAS Pro Bluetooth 10inch Tablet Full OBD2 Systems Self Diagnostic Device With IMMO / ABS / EPB / SAS / DPF / Oil Reset

    Humzor NexzDAS Pro bluetooth 10.1 inch tablet full OBD2 systems diagnostic device based on the Android 7.0 multitasking operating system, it offers quick access to readable / readable codes for all available modules of vehicle brands such as IMMO / ABS / EPB / SAS / DPF / Oil reset .

    Humzor NexzDAS Pro 1

    1. Top 10 Reasons To Buy Humzor NexzDAS Pro: 10.1 inch Tablet Bigger
      Screen with smooth operation, quick access to diagnosis clever. You do not need to install the software, everything has been done.
    2. Full-diagnostic
      System Complete rapid analysis system for passenger cars, in-depth diagnosis of all electronic systems in the car with detailed report, read / delete codes, real-time data, activation test, etc.
    3. Advanced reset service
      Oil Reset, TPMS, ABS, SAS, TPS, DPF, EPB, Battery Test, Injector Adjust everything included to meet your additional demands.
    4. Professional key programming
      IMMO professional and practical, add a new key, delete keys, key programming, any key lost via OBD …
    5. Wide vehicle coverage
      Powerfully support more than 70 brands of cars, including American, European, Australian and Asian cars.
    6. Free download and update
      Free download and update for large vehicle models in the software App Store. No other fees with a free lifetime update with more powerful versions.
    7. Compatible with Android Phone
      NexzDAS fully helps you to use your Android tablet and smartphone in order to fully use the conversion.
    8. Multi-languages:  English, Spanish, Italian, French , Russian, German, Polish, Chinese, traditional Chinese. More are in development, may have up to 23 kinds
    9. Continuous release of new functions More advanced functions are being developed for later publication, such as coding and programming The calculator, more models supported, etc. All are free to update themselves gradually.
    10. Friendly experience
      Quick access to remote assistance, the Comments icon, VIN request, DTC request, data management, data reading, etc. offers you an intelligent and simple use.

    NexzDAS Pro Features:

    Full-diagnostic system

    Quick scan
    Read / erase codes for all systems, enter VIN and recognize it automatically, or manually select vehicle type, type and year to start quick scan of all control units and obtain the result of the inspection with a detailed description of the DTC.

    Activation test
    Perform tests on certain vehicle components and access vehicle-specific subsystems. It can vary depending on the brand, model, type, year; only those that are available will be displayed.

    Humzor NexzDAS Pro 2

    Vehicle Coverage:

    Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Pourd, GM, GMC, Hummer, Jeep, Lincoln, Mercury, Saturn, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Scion

    for Abarth, for Alfa Romeo, for Aston Martin, for Audi, for Bentley, for Benz, for BMW, for Bugatti, for Citroen, for CVVW, for Dacia, for Ferrari, for Fiat, for pourd, for Jaguar, for Lamborghini, for Lancia, for Landrover, for Maserati, for Mini, for Opel, for Peugeot, for Renault, for Rolls Royce, for Saab, for VW, for Seat, for Skoda, for Smart, for Vauxhall, for Volvo

    for Acura, for Daewoo, for Honda, for Hyundai, for Infiniti, for Isuzu, for Kia, for Lexus, for Mazda, for Mitsubishi, for Nissan, for Renaultsm, for Ssangyong, for Subaru, for Toyota, for Suzuki

    for BYD, for Changan, for Changhe, for Chery, for Emgrand, for Englon, for Foton, for Geely, for Gleagle, for GWM, for HBSH, for Huachen, for Riich, for Wuling, for Yuan, for Zotye

    for pourd, pour Holden

    More models to come …

    Special Functions:

    Note: These special functions do not apply to all car models; if you are confused, send me your car model and we will check it for you.

    Oil Reset:
    Performs a reset of the service mileage and data intervals for a new calculation of the engine oil life system after the oil has been changed.

    TPMS Reset:
    Allows the TPMS sensor to display the sensor IDs from the vehicle computer, enter the TPMS sensor replacement IDs and activate the TPMS sensors.

    Adjust the injector:
    The diesel injector code requires a programming identifier and parameters in the ECU for precise communication and an injection control system

    EPB Reset:
    It is important for maintaining safety and efficiency of the electronic braking system when replacing brake pads or the engine.

    Works especially for the diesel particulate filter system with DPF regeneration, learning to replace DPF components and learning DPF after replacing the engine control unit.

    TPS / Throttle Sensor:
    The vehicle’s throttle position system sensor is connected to the throttle pin and is primarily used to monitor the throttle position in an internal combustion engine.¬†Due to its location, the butterfly position sensor is able to effectively observe the positioning of the butterfly butterfly.

    Bleeding in ABS:
    The automatic bleeding procedure is used on vehicles equipped with the BOSH 5.3 system.¬†This procedure uses an analysis tool to cycle the system’s solenoid valves and operate the pump to purge air from the secondary circuits.

    SAS Reset:
    Helps to clear the steering angle sensor memories and plays an important role in the calibration of the steering angle sensor.

    Battery change:
    Allows the analyzer to assess the state of charge of the battery, monitor the closed circuit current, record the replacement of the new battery and activate the rest state of the vehicle battery

    Humzor NexzDAS Pro 3

    Vehicle coverage:

    Oil Reset for Baic, for BYD, for Chery, for FAW Car, for Greatwall, for JAC, for Luxgen, for Soueast, for Rover, for Besturn, for Toyota, for Scion, for Lexus, for Honda, for Acura, for Nissan, for Infiniti, for Isuzu, for Mazda, for Subaru, for Suzuki, for Mitsubishi,
    for Kia, for Hyundai, for Daewoo, for VW, for Audi, for Seat, for Skoda, for Bentley, for Lamborghini, for Bugatti, for Benz,
    for Smart, for BMW, for Mini, for Rolls-royce, for Renault, for Dacia, for Opel, for Vauxhall, for Jaguar, for Landrover,
    for Peugeot, for Citroen, for Ferrari, for Maserati, for Porsche, for Romeo, for Rover, for Saab, for Volvo, for Fiat, for GM,
    for Chevrolet, for Buick, for Hummer, for Saturn, for Pontiac, for Cadillac, for Oldsmobile, for pourd, for Lincoln, for Mercury,
    for Chrysler, for Jeep, for Dodge, for Holden
    TPMS Reset for Audi, for Benz, for Buick, for BMW, for Cadillac, for Chrysler, for Dodge, for pourd, for GM, for GMC, for Honda, for Hummer, for Hyundai, for Infiniti, for Jaguar, for Jeep, for Kia , for Landrover, for Lexus, for Lincoln, for Mercury,
    for Mitsubishi, for Mazda, for Nissan, for Porsche, for Pontiac, for Saturn, for Scion, for SGM, for Subaru, for Toyota, for VW
    Injector for Citroen ÔľĆ for Fiat ÔľĆ for Hyundai ÔľĆ for Jaguar ÔľĆ for Kia ÔľĆ for Landrover ÔľĆ for Mitsubishi ÔľĆ for Opel ÔľĆ for Subaru ÔľĆ for Vauxhall
    Brake Reset for BMW, for Citroen, for Daewoo, for GM, for Honda, for Hyundai, for Jaguar, for Kia, for Landrover, for Opel, for Peugeot, for Renault, for Saab, for Subaru, for Toyota, for Vauxhall, for Volvo , for VW
    CFO for BMW, for Citroen, for Daewoo, for Jaguar, for Landrover, for Opel, for Peugeot, for Subaru, for Vauxhall
    Battery Change pourd, pour Jaguar, pour Landrover, pour Lexus, pour Toyota, pour Volvo
    Steering Angle for Baic, for Baojun, for BYD, for Zotye, for Soueast, for Haima, for Df_Feng_Xing, for Df_Feng_Shen, for Df_Xiao_Kang, for Chery, for Roewe, for Trumpche, for Geely Emgrand, for Geely Englon, for Geely Gleagle, for Jac , for Jmc, for Lifan, for Greatwall, for Daewoo, for Ssangyong
    Throttle Sensor for Baojun, for Byd, for Acura, for Bmw, for Chrysler, for Daewoo, for Buick, for Cadillac, for Chevrolet, for Holden, for Pontiac, for Saturn, for Honda, for Jeep, for Kia, for Nissan, for Toyota , for Volvo
    ABS Bleeding for Daewoo, for Jaguar, for Landrover, for Opel, for Renault, for Ssangyong

    Humzor NexzDAS Pro Key Programming:

    Reading Immo code: Can read the Immo code of certain car models.

    Key programming: Greatly supports key matching.

    Add a car key: Add and associate a new key to the car.

    Erase car key: Delete the key you no longer need.

    Read key information: Read key information, quantity, frequency, etc.

    Lost key: Supports most cars, all keys being lost via OBD direct correspondence.

    Vehicle coverage:

    Asia: for Ssangyong, for Mitsubishi, for Nissan, for KIA, for Lexus, for Mazda, for Infiniti, for Hyundai, for Subaru, for Toyota
    America: for GM, for Chrysler, for Jeep, for Dodge
    Europe: for Alfa, for Lancia, for Smart, for Citroen, for Ferrari, for Maserati, for Peugeot


    Humzor NexzDAS Pro Parameter:


    1PC x Humzor NexzDAS Pro Bluetooth 10inch Tablet Full System



    R 3372.95 x 3
  • Original price was: R12,999.00.Current price is: R9,799.00.

    LAUNCH X431 CRP909X obd2 scanner full systems car diagnostic scanner airbag sas tpms immo obd diagnostic tool auto code reader

    The LAUNCH X431 CRP909X Car Diagnostic Tablet Scanner is a newest evolutionary Android smart solution for 12V passenger car, light duty, pickup truck diagnosis & maintenance Covering more than 57 car brands. It’s design for car repair garage car beauty service parlors, auto mechanic and DIY car owners auto scanner. This CRP909X OBD2 Scanner support All systems Diagnoses, 15 Reset Function, All OBD-II functions. Now comes with 2 years free updates.

    For all other Launch products please follow the link:

    LAUNCH X431 CRP909X OBD2 Full Systems Scanner

    LAUNCH X431 CRP909X Support Languages:

    English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean.

    LAUNCH X431 CRP909X OBD2 Full Systems Scanner Language Support

    LAUNCH X431 CRP909X Support Diagnose Car Full System:

    This option allows you to detect whether the car full system parameters are normal or not. It mainly including

    Drive System, Chassis System, Body System, Electrical system.

    1. PCM (Drive System): Engine, Transmission, Transfer case, Electrical Machine Electronics, Fuel Pump, Gear, and more…
    2. Chassis System: Accumulator Management Electronics, Steering, Integrated Chassis Management, Tyre Pressure Control, Active Cruise Control, Braking System, Suspension, TPMS and more…
    3. BCM (Body System): SRS Airbag, Camera, Audio Radio, Gateway, Cluster Dashboard, Rain Sensors, Charging Interface Module, Parking Assistance, Power Control Unit, Touch box, Light, Battery Charging System, Head up Display, Wipe Control System, Roof, Seat & Door Motor system, Immobilizer, ABS ESP system, Air Condition. Electric Windows, Telephone,¬†and more…
    4. Electrical System: Including Centralized control system for engine and power transmission, Chassis integrated control and safety system, Intelligent body electronic system, Communication and information / entertainment system.

    Read and erase codes for all available systems, turn off MIL light (Indicator light), display live data in text, graph & analog for easy data review.

    LAUNCH X431 CRP909X OBD2 Full Systems Scanner 1

    LAUNCH CRP909X Support Below 15 Kinds Maintenance Functions:

    In addition to amazing & powerful diagnostic function, CRP909 also features various service functions. The most commonly performed service functions contain:

    1. Oil Lamp Reset Service: Allows you to perform reset for a new calculation of Engine Oil Life system once changed the oil.
    2. EPB Electronic Park Brake Reset:
    3. BAT battery service:
    4. DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Reset:
    5. SAS Steering Angel Sensor Reset:
    6. TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reset:
    7. IMMO Key Programming:
    8. ABS Bleeding:
    9. Sunroof Reset:
    10. Suspension Reset:
    11. Gearbox (Transmission) Reset:
    12. AFS Headlamp Reset:
    13. Injector Coding:
    14. Throttle Adaptation:
    15. Gear Learning:

    LAUNCH X431 CRP909X OBD2 Full Systems Scanner Service Functions

    Full 10 Mode OBDII/EOBD/JOBD Car Diagnostics Functions:

    This scanner supports all 10 test modes for OBD-II cars which are great for daily repair work. The table below describes the purpose of each mode of operation:

    1. Reading Codes: Show the detailed description of the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTCs)
    2. Erasing Codes & Reset: Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors.
    3. Data Stream: Reads and displays live ECU/PCM data stream, plotting functions graphically and stores freeze frame data.
    4. I/M Readiness Status: Shows whether the various emissions-related systems on the vehicle are operating properly and are ready for inspection and maintenance testing.
    5. Read Live Data Stream: Show the information of continuous data stream from a vehicle in live graphic (waveform) display.
    6. View Freeze Frame Data: Check the certain vehicle conditions which are recorded by the on-board computer at the time the emission-related fault occurs.
    7. O2 Sensor Test: Allows retrieval and viewing of O2 sensor monitor test results for the most recently performed tests from the vehicle’s on-board computer.
    8. On-Board Monitor Test: Retrieves and displays test results for emission-related power-train components and systems.
    9. Read Vehicle Information: Display the information such as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID) and CVN (Calibration verification number), etc.
    10. Component Test: Certain vehicle components can be actuated by commands sent from the scanner to test their operatability.

    One-Key I/M Checking

    It supports one-key I/M checking for all available emission systems. Help your car pass the emission test simpler.

    Professional Fast Identifies VIN Number:

    1. Once connect with car OBD2 port , CRP909X will AutoDetect car Vin number. Give you a quick access to start the vehicle system detection.
    2. Perfect Performs Vehicle Battery Analysis.
    3. For 12V car, SUV, Van, Light Truck, Pickup.
    4. Detect real-time data from 12V batteries and display BATTERY DATA with fluctuations ranging from 8V to 16V.
    5. The discharge voltage of a normal battery is about 12V, the starting voltage is generally 12V, and the charging voltage is about 14V.

    LAUNCH X431 CRP909X Technical Support:

    LAUNCH Technical team offer free support for you, once you meet any problem, you can

    1. Upload Could Feedback
    2. Share Diagnose report
    3. Contact with customer service directly

    Other Feature of LAUNCH X431 CRP909X:

    1. DTC Library: Allows you to retrieve the definition of the diagnostic trouble code from the abundant DTC database.
    2. Diagnostic Feedback: Use this option to submit the vehicle issue to us for analysis and the report can be saved offline.
    3. Diagnose Report Share & Printed: you can share the diagnose report to your email, then printed via computer.
    4. Sensitive Touch & Keypad input are supported.
    5. Android 7.1 systems. 7” Touch Screen, 6000mAh battery.
    6. Global vehicle coverage. Including India and Russian car brands.

    And many more…

    LAUNCH X431CRP909X Car Supported List: (include Russia and India cars)

    Full System Diagnose Scan:

    For Abarth, For Accura, For Alfa Remeo, For Audi, For BMW, For Bugatti, For Buick,  For Cadillac,  For Chevrolet, For Chrysler, For Citoren, For Dacia, For Daewoo, For Daihatsu, For Dodge, For Eurford, For Fiat, For Ford, For GM, For Gmsa, For Honda, For Hyundai, For Ifiniti, For Isuzu, For Jaguar,  For Jeep, For Kia, For Lancia, For Landrover, For Lexus, For Lincoln, For Mahindra(Indian),  For Maruti(Indian), For Maserati, For Mazda,  For Mercedes,  For Mini, For Mitsubishi, For Nissan, For Nissangtr, For Opel, For Peugeot, For Porsche, For Renault, For Renault Samsung, For Saab, For Seat, For Skoda, For Smart, For Sprinter, For Ssangyong, For Subaru, For Suzuki,  For Tata(Indian), For Tlisuzu, For Toyota, For Vauxhall, For Volvo, For VW, For VAZ

    How to use LAUNCH X431 CRP909X:

    1. Input email address to register your account after WIFI connected. Updates done online on the official Launch website:
    2. Download the vehicle brands.
    3. Connect CRP909X with car OBD2 port and start diagnose.

    LAUNCH X431 CRP909X Technical Parameters:

    • Operating System: Android 7.1.
    • Processor: Powerful Quad-Core Processor.
    • RAM: 1GB.
    • ROM: 16GB.
    • Display: 7inch IPS touch screen.
    • Connectivity: Mini USB 2.0, Wi-Fi.
    • Battery: 6000mAh lithium-polymer battery.
    • Battery Life: Over 8 hours.
    • Product Size: 9.8×5.5×1.5(inch)
    • Product Net Weight: 700g.

    LAUNCH X431 CRP909X Package List:

    • CRP909X Android Tablet
    • OBD-II Diagnostic Cable
    • DC Power Charging Cable
    • User Manual
    • Nylon bag

    LAUNCH X431 CRP909X OBD2 Full Systems Scanner Package List


    R 3756.29 x 3
  • Original price was: R11,200.00.Current price is: R10,499.00.


    The XTool X100 PAD Is A Tablet With The Latest Technologies To Perform Key Programming, Mileage Adjustment, Oil Service Light Reset, Timing Belt Service Light Reset, Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset , EPB Reset, Throttle Body Reset, DPF Reset, Battery Reset, Steering Angle Calibration And OBD-II Engine Diagnosis. It Provides Super-Fast Solution And It Can Work As Generic Workshop Level Diagnostic Equipment.

    All XTOOL Products:

    XTOOL X100 PAD key programmer

    Language: English Only (It Will Add Deutsch And Português In The Future.)
    X100 PAD Does Not Support Malaysian Proton And Produa.


    1. 100% Genuine Scanner, XTOOL Company Made. High Quality.
    2. One Click Update Via WIFI Or Cable Internet Connection. 2 Years Free Updates. New Software Release Will Show On Update Option.
    3. Updates Via Official Website: Http://Www.Xtooltech.Com/
    5. X300 Plus Updated Version. New Add More SPECIAL Functions.
    6. Dealer Code: XT0240.
    7. Full Odometer Adjustment Car List Check Here, Other Functions List Check Here 


    • Key Programming.
    • Oil Reset/Engine Oil Light Reset.
    • Odometer Adjustment.
    • Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset (Manual Operation.)
    • Timing Belt Light Reset (Manual Operation.)
    • EPB Electrical Parking Brake Adaptation.
    • TPS Throttle Body Adaptation.
    • Steering Angle Calibration.
    • Battery Reset.
    • PIN Code Reading.
    • Hexadcimal Editor(Win Hex.)
    • OBDII Diagnosis.
    • Support The Latest Vehicles With CAN BUS And UDS Protocol.
    • Update Via WIFI (Always Equip Your Device With The Latest Software.)
    • And More‚Ķ

    XTOOL X100 PAD functions


    1. New Keys Programming.
    2. PIN Code Reading With EEPROM.
    3. Hexadcimal Editor(Win Hex.)
    4. Reads Keys From Immobilizer’s Memory.
    5. New Immobilizer Programming.
    6. Vehicle Identification Number Programming.
    7. Reset ECM & Reset Immobilizer.
    8. New Remote Controller Programming.
    9.  The X100 Has Strong Database For Most Vehicle Makes.


    • Asia:¬†Toyota. Lexus. Honda. Acura. Mazda. Nissan. Infiniti. Mitsubishi. Subaru. Suzuki. Kia. Hyundai. Daewoo. Ssangyong, Etc.
    • Europe: Audi. VW. Skoda. Seat For Porsche. Opel. Citroen. Peugeot. Jaguar. Land Rover. Lincoln. Renault, Etc.
    • America:¬†GM. Cadillac. Buick. Chrysler. Ford Etc.
    • China:¬†Great Wall. Chery. Brilliance-Auto. Geely. Lifan. HafeiI. Changan. Landwind. Byd. Jac, Etc.


    • Support Engine Oil, Spark Plugs, Front And Rear Brake Pads, Air Conditioner, Brake Liquid, Coolant Liquid, Vehicle Checking , Etc. Resetting For BMW.
    • Innovative One-Click Oil Reset For VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Seat, Skoda, Volvo, Etc.
    • Supported BMW Models Are¬†F01/F02/F03/F04/F07/F10/F11/F12/F13/F18/F20/F30, Etc.
    • Support Mercedes Benz New C Class, E Class Models And Mercedes Benz, Vito, Viano And Sprinter.
    • Includes The Lifespan Percentage Resetting Of Engine Oil For Buick, Cadillac Etc.
    • Support Porsche Cayenne And Panamera Up To 2012.
    • Support Maintenance Light Reset For Volvo, Land Rover.


    • America:¬†Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, GM, Jeep And More‚Ķ
    • European:¬†VW, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Land Rover, Peugeot, Citroen, SAAB, Seat, Skoda And More‚Ķ
    • Asia:¬†Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Honda, Acura, Isuzu, Chery, Ford Transit, Roewe, MG And More‚Ķ



    Full Odometer Adjustment: Car List Check Here, Other Functions List Check Here 

    EPB Electrical Parking Brake Adaptation:

    VW ( R36, CC, Magotan Etc.), Audi ( A4L, A6L, Q5 Etc.), Seat, Skoda And More…

    Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset (Manual Operation.):

    Mercedes-Benz, GM, VW, BMW, Toyota And More…

    Timing Belt Light Reset: (Manual Operation.)

    Exhaust Gas Treatment (DPF) Features:


    1. PIN Code Reading.
    2. ECU Initializing.
    3. Chip Programming.


    • Operating System: Android
    • Processor: Quad-Core 1.30GHz Processor
    • Memory: 1G RAM, 8G FLASH
    • Display: 7 Inch IPS 5-Point Multi-Touch Screen With 1024√ó600P Resolution
    • Sensors: Gravity Sensor, Light Sensor
    • Audio Input/Output: Microphone. Dual Speakers. 4-Band 3.5 Mm Stereo/Standard Headset Jack
    • Batter Power : 2400mAh, 3.7V Lithium-Polymer Battery
    • Power Voltage: 5V
    • Power Consumption: 8W
    • Operating Temperature: -20 To 50‚ĄÉ(-4 To 126‚ĄČ)
    • Humidity: <90%
    • Dimension (L*W*H): 208*140*15.5mm


    • X-100 Tablet.
    • PS_VCI Box.
    • OBDII 16Pin Adapter.
    • Honda-3.
    • Kia-20.
    • Kia/Hyundai-10.
    • Power Adapter.
    • EEPROM Adapter.
    • EEPROM IC Board.
    • Package Box For EEPROM.
    • Test Main Cable.
    • Mirco USB Cable.
    • User‚Äôs Manual.

    XTOOL X100 PAD package list


    R 4024.63 x 3
  • R10,499.00

    XTool D7 OBD2 ALL System Car Diagnostic Tool With Special Functions

    The XTool D7 Bi-Directional Scan Tool Based On The Android 5.1.1 OS, D7 Features Bi-Directional Control Capability, OE Level All Systems Diagnostics, IMMO/Key Coding, Comprehensive Service Resets And Extensive Vehicle Coverage Of 85+ Car Brands. Equipped With Robust Quad-Core Processor, 32GB Memory, 7 Inch 1024 X 600 Resolution Touch Screen, 4000mAh Built-In Battery, Microphone, Dual Speakers And Intuitive Interface, D7 Offers Maximum Efficiency For Auto Repair And Maintenance.

    All XTOOL Products:

    XTool D7 Automotive diagnostic tool

    Top Reasons To Buy The Xtool D7

    • OE Level All Systems Diagnostic.
    • 28+ Kinds Of Reset & Service Functions¬†Namely: ABS Bleeding, Injector Coding, Oil Reset, EPB Reset, Key Programming, TPMS Reset, DPF And Etc‚Ķ
    • Auto VIN Scan+ Active Test (Bi-Directional Control)
    • Extensive Vehicle Coverage:¬†Support 85+ Car Brands, D7 Can Support 85+ Car Brands, More Than 10000+ Cars.
    • Powerful Quad-Core 1.6GHz Processor With Faster 2GB And Reliable 32GB On-Board Memory, Dual-Band Wifi.
    • Updates:¬†Free Updates Via Official Website¬†Http://Www.Xtooltech.Com/
    • Support 15 Languages:¬†English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Simplified Chinese And Traditional Chinese.
    • Service:¬†1 Year Warranty.

    XTool D7 special reset functions


    Product Functions:

    • Powerful OE Level Diagnostics For Over 80 US, Asian And European Makes And Models.
    • Complete Capabilities For Read & Clean Codes, Live Data, Active Test, ECU Information, Adaptation, Matching, Etc.
    • Powerful Combination Bi-Directional Control/OE-Level All Systems Diagnoses/Advanced Maintenance Services.
    • Bi-Directional Controls (Also Referred To As Active Tests/Component Tests) : Receive Information And Send The Commands To The System/Components To Perform Active Tests Like EVAP Test, Fuel Pump Test, Fuel Injector Test, Cycling A/C Clutch On/Off, Cooling Fan Test, EGR Test, Window/Door Locks, Etc.
    • 24+ Maintenance Functions: Packed With All The Common Special Functions, Such As ABS Bleeding, Key Programing, Injector Coding, Oil Reset, EPB, Etc.
    • Oil Reset: Reset The New Calculation Of Engine Oil Life System For An Accurate Reading Of The Next Oil Change.
    • EPB Reset: Reset The Calipers, Brake Discs Or Pads After The Electronic Parking Brake System Is Repaired.
    • BMS Reset: Reset After Replacing The Battery To Clear The Low Battery Fault Information Of The Original Battery And Protect The New Battery.
    • DPF Regeneration: Clear PM From The DPF Filter Through Oxidation Or Combustion To Stabilize The Filter Performance.
    • IMMO / Key Programming: Read Pin Code, Remote Learning And Key Coding. Disable A Lost Vehicle Key To Protect The Vehicle From Being Stolen And Add The New Key.
    • Injector Coding: Code A New Injector To Better Identify Injectors To Accurately Control Fuel Injection.
    • ABS Bleeding: Perform To Bleed The Brake System To Restore ABS Braking Sensitivity And Obtain A Firm Brake Pedal .
    • SAS Adjustment: Clear The Fault Steering Angle Sensor Memories, Perform Reset Steering Angle Sensor, And Turn Off Steering Wheel Warning Light.
    • Throttle Relearn: Reset The Throttle Actuators To Accurately Regulate Throttle (Or Idle Engine) Operations, Helps Keep Your Idling And Acceleration Smooth.
    • Airbag Repair: After Replacing The Airbag, Reset The Airbag Data And Clear The Collision Data.

    XTool D7 EO-level all systems diagnostic

    XTool D7 Support 24+ Special Reset Service Functions:

    Note: Function May Vary From Vehicle Makes And Model.

    1. Oil Reset: Close The Oil Service Light And Reset Service Mileage & Service Interval After Replacing The Engine Oil.
    2. Electronic Parking Brake Reset: Reset The New Electronic Parking Brake For Braking Wheels Safely Again.
    3. Throttle Relearn: Allows To Reset The Throttle Actuators To Accurately Regulate Throttle (Or Idle Engine) Operations, Helps Keep Your Idling And Acceleration Smooth.
    4. Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset: Relearn TPMS Sensors So That New Sensors Can Be Recognized By ECU.
    5. ABS Bleeding: Get A Firm Brake Pad After Air Exhaustion.
    6. Instrument Cluster Adjustment: ( Limited Car Models )
    7. Immo / Key Programming: Read Pin Code, Remote Learning And Key Coding. Allows To Disable A Lost Vehicle Key To Protect The Vehicle From Being Stolen And Add The New Key.
    8. DPF Regeneration: Allows To Clear PM From The DPF Filter Through Oxidation Or Combustion To Stabilize The Filter Performance.
    9. Injector Coding: Allows To Write A New Code To The ECU For Accurate Communication And Injection Control. After The ECU Or Injector Is Replaced, The Cylinder Can Better Identify Injectors To Accurately Control Fuel Injection.
    10. SAS Adjustment: Allow To Clear The Fault Steering Angle Sensor Memories, Perform Reset Steering Angle Sensor, And Turn Off Steering Wheel Warning Light.
    11. BMS Reset: Reset After Replacing The Battery To Clear The Low Battery Fault Information Of The Original Battery And Protect The New Battery.
    12. DIY Mode: Programmer Car Models Hidden Functions (High Configuration Hidden Function) And Windows Calibration, Seats Calibration,
    13. Tire Reset, Language Change, A/F Reset, Coolant Bleed, Transport Mode, NOx Sensor Reset, Ect.

    XTool D7 Special Functions Link: Https://Www2.Xtooltech.Com/EN/ProductsView/D7.Html

    More Functions:

    • Active Test (Bi- Directional Control)¬†Is Capable Of Performing Active Tests To Access Vehicle-Specific Subsystems And Component Tests.
    • Auto VIN & Auto Scan:¬†Easily Read The Vehicle Identification Number.
    • Live Data Stream:¬†Display Live Data Stream In Text Or Graph Like Misfire Data, Engine Rpm, Transmission Oil Temperature, Mass Air Flow Sensor Data, Cylinder Balance Rates, Fuel Pressure, Actual Fuel Temperature Vs Desired Fuel Temperature And Etc
    • Remote Technical Support:¬†Users Can Receive A Remote Support From XTOOL‚Äôs Technical Engineers, Colleagues, Or Friends, By Allowing Them To Control This Tablet Device On Their PC Via The TeamViewer Software.
    • Maintenance Help:¬†Including How-To Videos, Operation Skills, And User Manual, Q&A, Quick Start Guide, Etc.
    • Diagnostic History:¬†Will Record The Every Detail Of The Diagnostic Process. You Can Record/Review/Playback Live Data Anytime .The History Function Provides Quick Access To The Tested Vehicles And Users Can Resume From The Last Operation, Without The Necessity Of Starting From Scratch
    • Diagnostic Feedback:¬†Allows You To Submit Any Issues You Can‚Äôt Immediately Fix. With The Support Of Professional Experts, XTOOL Will Make Great Efforts To Provide You With The Best Solutions As Soon As Possible.
    • Remote Diagnose:¬†Configures XTOOL D7 As An I/M(Instant Messaging) Tool, Which Enables Technicians To Exchange Repair Experience And Perform Remote Assistance More Conveniently.

    Key Programming Features:

    Note: Function May Vary From Vehicle Makes And Model.

    1. New Keys Programming.
    2. PIN Code Reading With EEPROM (EEPROM Optional).
    3. Hexadecimal Editor(Win Hex)
    4. Reads Keys From Immobilizer’s Memory.
    5. New Immobilizer Programming.
    6. Vehicle Identification Number Programming.
    7. Reset ECM & Reset Immobilizer.
    8. New Remote Controller Programming.
    9. With Full And Strong Database For The Most Important Vehicle Makes.

    XTool D7 Support Cars:

    • Australia:¬†For Ford.
    • China:¬†For JAC, Chery, Geely, Great Wall ,Byd And Lifan.
    • America:¬†For GM, Ford, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Jeep, Saturn, Pontiac, Lincoln, Dodge, Chrysler And Buick.
    • Asia:¬†For Toyota, Lexus, Isuzu, Mazda, Kia, Infinity, Acura, Nissan, Renault Sam, Hyundai CY, Hyundai, Honda, Subaru, Suzuki, Mitsubishi And SSANGYONG.
    • Europe:¬†For VW, Mini, Landrover, Seat, Ferrari, Ford, Opel, Alfa For Romeo, Volvo, Abarth, Smart, BMW, Fiat, Lancia, Renault, Aston Martin, GAZ, Maserati, For Mercedes, UAZ, Skoda, Citroen, Dacia, Audi, Jaguar, Porsche And Peugeot.

    XTool D7 Parameters:

    • Operating Systems Android 5.0.
    • Storage: 2GRAM. 32G ROM.
    • Processor: Quad Care Processor 1.6GHz.
    • Sensor: Sensor Gravity Sensing.
    • Audio Input: Microphone.
    • Audio Output: Speaker.
    • Battery: 4000mAh,3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery.
    • Power Voltage 5V.
    • Working Temp: -20 To 60‚ĄÉ(-4 To 140‚ĄČ)
    • Relative Humidity <90%.

    Package Includes:

    • Main Unit D7 Tablet.
    • OBDII-16 Adapter.
    • DB15 VGA Main Cable.
    • Micro USB Cable.
    • Charger For Tablet.
    • Us Adapter.
    • Eu Adapter.
    • User Manual.
    • Packing List.
    • Certificate Of Quality.
    • Plastic Case.

    R 4024.63 x 3
  • R10,799.00

    Humzor NexzSys NS366S Full System Diagnostic Tool With 13 Special Functions

    The Humzor NexzSYS NS366S Is The High-End Professional And Intelligent Diagnostic Equipment For Car Full System Scan. Featuring The Powerful Tablet With 10.1inch Capacitive Screen And Based On Android 10.0 Multitasking Operating System, It Greatly Provides A Quick Access To Read / Clear Codes For All The Available Modules Of Wide Vehicle Makes, And Offers The Perfect Diagnostic Solution For Mechanics Who Demand Unrivalled OE Level Smart Technology And Smart Repair.


    Humzor NexzSys NS366S 1

    Full-System Diagnosis:

    • Quick Scan:¬†Read/Clear Codes For All Systems, Input The VIN And Automatically Recognize It, Or Manually Select The Vehicle Model, Type And Year To Start The Quick Scan For All The Control Units And Get The Inspection Result With Detailed DTC Description.
    • Actuation Test:¬†Carrying Out Tests On Some Components Of The Vehicle And Access Vehicle Specific Subsystems. It May Vary By Makes, Models, Types, Years, Thus Only The Available Ones Will Be Shown.

    Humzor NexzSys NS366S special functions

    Top Reasons To Choose NexzSYS NS366S

    1. Affordable And Powerful: Freely Choose Tablet, IOS And Android Smartphones To Achieve Intelligent And Efficient Operation, Making Diagnosis Easier.
    2. Full-System Diagnosis: Full-System Quick Scan For Passenger Cars, Deep Diagnosis On All The Electronic Systems Of The Car With Detailed Report, Engine, Transmission, ABS, SAS, SRS, TPMS, Etc.
    3. Advanced Reset Service: Reset Service: Oil Reset, TPMS, ABS, SAS, TPS, DPF, EPB, Battery Test, Injector Adjust All Included To Meet Your Extra Demands.
    4. Professional Key Programming: Professional And Convenient IMMO, Add New Key, Erase Keys, Key Programming, All Key Lost Via OBD…
    5. Complete OBD2 And OBD 1 Functions: Fully Covers OBD2and OBD 1 Diagnosis Modes, Read Current., Pending And Permanent Codes Quickly, Clear Fault Codes And Turn Off The Check Engine Light.
    6. Wide Vehicle Coverage: Full OBD 1 And OBD 2 Diagnosis, Powerfully Support More Car Brands, Including American, European, Australian, Asian Cars.
    7. 2 Years Free Update: Free Update For Wide Vehicle Models In The App Store Of The Software. Updating Is Free For Two Years. Update Via Official Website: Https://Www.Humzor.Com/
    8. Continuously Releasing New Functions: More Advanced Functions Are Under Developing Now For Later Release, Such As ECU Coding & Programming, More Supported Models, Etc. All Free To Update Gradually.
    9. User-Friendly Experience: Quick Access To VIN Query, DTC Query, Data Manage, Data Playback, Remote Assistance, Feedback Icon, Screenshot, Etc. Fully Provide You With Intelligent And Easy Operation.
    10. Multi-Language Supported: Switch The Language You Need Within The App Freely, English, Italian, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Polish, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian, Traditional Chinese, More Are Under Adding.

    13 Special Functions:

    Oil Reset: TPMS: Injector Adjust: EPB: DPF: TPS/Throttle Sensor: ABS Bleeding: SAS: Battery Test: CVT Learning: Gear Learning: Odometer Management: 

    Humzor NexzSys NS366S car brands

    Vehicle Coverage:

    Support Most OBDII Compliant Vehicle Makes And Models.

    • Australian:¬†For¬†FORD, HOLDEN,

    More Models Coming Soon…

    NexzSYS NS366S Supports Full OBD2 Functions:

    • Read And Clear Codes:¬†Read And Clear Engine Codes. Stored, Pending And Permanent For All Makes.
    • Live Data:¬†DIY Diversified PID Display Method (Graphic Display, Dashboard Display And Digital Display). IOS Supports 4 Parameters Comparison And Android Supports 2.
    • Freeze Frame:¬†Freeze Frame Data Is A Snapshot Of The Vehicle When The Freeze Frame Code Was Stored.
    • O2 Sensor:¬†Check The Vehicle O2 Sensor Values.
    • On Board Monitor Test (Mode 6): Advanced Test Results (Like Misfire Counts) For On-Board Diagnostic System Monitors.
    • Component Test (Mode 8):¬†Component Test: Certain Vehicle Components Can Be Actuated By Commands Sent From The Scanner To Test Their Operability.
    • Battery Test:¬†Show Battery Voltage And Comment Battery Status.
    • Smog Check:¬†Indicate Whether Or Not The Various Emissions-Related Systems On The Vehicle Are Operating Properly And Are Ready For Inspection And Maintenance Testing.
    • MIL Status:¬†MIL Is Essentially An Emission Warning Light. If The Light Comes On, It Means The OBD II System Has Detected An Emissions-Related Problem.
    • Vehicle Info:¬†Check The Make, Years, VIN Code And Other Detail Information Of Your Vehicle.

    Note: Key Programming And Special Functions May Vary From Makes And Models.

    Humzor NexzSYS NS366S Package Including:

    • NexzSYS NS366S Main Unit.
    • Vehicle Communication Interface.
    • USB External Power Plug (4 PLUG Power Supply Standard, Choose One You Need)
    • USB Cable.
    • Quick Guide Manual.
    • 6 X Non-16PIN Connector.
    • Plastic Toolbox.

    Humzor NexzSys NS366S package list

    R 4139.63 x 3
  • R10,999.00


    The Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Is Able To Generate Transponder, Transponder Clone, Generate Remote, Remote Clone, OBD Matching Transponder/Remote/Smart Card. VVDI Key Max Tool Works With Condor Dolphin XP005,No Need Mobile Phone, Just Use Key Tool MAX Screen To Perform All Dolphin Functions.


    XHORSE VVDI KEY TOOL MAX cloning tool


    1. Contain All VVDI Key Tool And MINI Key Tool Functions. The Remote/Transponder Function Is The Same As The Previous And The Renew Remote Same Like KeyTool Support Generate Transponder And Remote Etc.
    2. Added IC Copy Function. HD LCD Screen With Clear Interface, Easy To Use And Flexibility. And Can Connect The Dolphin To Cut The Key For The Customer.
    3. Enter The Car Directly Using KEY TOOL MAX+MINI OBD For Matching. The Entire Process Can Be Seamlessly Connected Without Switching Devices.
    4. KEY TOOL MAX + MINI OBD TOOL Can Not Only Match The Chip Remote Control Of Imported Domestic Cars, Smart Card, But Also Toyota H Chip Will Be Released First On KEY TOOL MAX.


    Please Use VVDI Max To Generate Xhorse New Remote Key 10pcs
    After Collect Points,1 Hour Later Server Will Open ID48 96bit Function Free.
    And This Is The VVDI Key Tool Max User Manual

    Please Know: This Product Is Key Tool MAX Only.


    When You Turn On The KEY TOOL MAX For The First Time, You Need To Select Language Region(System Default Setting Is China Standard Time Zone) Connect To WIFI Login With A Registered Account, If You Don’t Have An Account.


    1. Generate Remote And Smart Key.
    2. Program And Immo Transponder.
    3. Generate Special Transponder.
    4. Renew Remote.
    5. Recognize And Copy Access-Card.
    6. Generate And Copy Garage Remote.
    7. Frequency Detection And Copy Remote.
    8. Connect To Xhorse Key Cutting Machine. KEY TOOL MAX Connects To Key Cutting Machine By Bluetooth To Do Cutting Operations.
    9. Connect To MINI OBD TOOL: There Are 3 Ways For KEY TOOL MAX Connect To MINI OBD TOOL: (1) USB TYPE-C Cable, (2)WIFI, (3) Bluetooth.

    XHORSE VVDI KEY TOOL MAX main functions


    1. Support Generate Transponder And Remote.Etc.
    2. Use KEY TOOL MAX To Connect The Dolphin To Cut The Key For The Customer.
    3. Enter The Car Directly Using KEY TOOL MAX + MINI OBD For Matching. The Entire Process Can Be Seamlessly Connected Without Switching Devices.
    4. KEY TOOL MAX + MINI OBD TOOL Can Not Only Match The Chip Remote Control Of Imported Domestic Cars, Smart Card, But Also Toyota H Chip Will Be Released First On KEY TOOL MAX.




    KEY TOOL MAX Can Be Connected With Dolphin XP-005 Key Cutting Machine Via Bluetooth To Be Used Like Operating Screen Of Dolphin XP-005.
    We Will Update More Info Once Key Tool Max Release Please Excepting!




    Generate Transponder, Transponder Clone, Generate Remote, Remote Clone, OBD Matching Transponder/Remote/Smart Card.
    The Port Which Is Used To Connect The Programmer Is Reserved. After The Expansion, The Chip Can Be Written Start Data, And The Operation Of The IC Reading Data Is Equivalent To The Function Of The Tango.
    KEY TOOL MAX Can Be Connected With Dolphin XP-005 Key Cutting Machine Via Bluetooth, To Be Used Like Operating Screen Of Dolphin XP-005.
    We Will Update More Info Once Key Tool Max Is Released.

    How To Activate 96 Bit 48 Clone For Keytool Max?

    1. Turn On The Machine And Log In Account.
    2. Turn To Keytool Max Option And Use Generate 10 Pcs Xhorse Remote And Collect The Points, You Can Touch The Area Of ‚ÄúBonus Points‚ÄĚ For Collect Points, You Can Earn The Points For First Time To Use The Remote From Xhorse.
    3. An Hour Later After Collect Points, The 96-Bit 48 Clone Function Will Be Activated, You Can Check It In Your Keytool Max Machine.

    The Function Will Activate In One Hour After Generate And Collect The Points From 10 Pcs Remote

    Remark: Xhorse Has 4 Kind Of Remote, Wire Remote, Wireless Remote, Super Remote, Smart Key Remote.

    Generate Each Kind Of Remote Will Be Earn Different Value Of Points.

    1. Wire Remote = 25 Points.
    2. Wireless Remote = 40 Points.
    3. Super Remote = 40 Points.
    4. Smart Key Remote = 60 Points.

    VVDI Key Max Appearance:


    • Battery Capacity: 3375mAh.
    • Battery Life>6 Hours.
    • Standby Time>5 Days.
    • Recharging Current: 1500mAh.
    • Brightness>400nlts.
    • Screen Resolution: 1280*720P.
    • Camera Resolution: 800W.


    • VVDI Key Tool Max Device.
    • USB Cable.
    • Remote Generate Cable.
    • User Manual

    XHORSE VVDI KEY TOOL MAX package list

    R 4216.29 x 3
  • Original price was: R13,999.00.Current price is: R11,999.00.

    FCar F508 Professional Auto Diagnostic Platform With Special Functions

    The FCar F508 Is The Latest Diagnostic Scanner Developed For Passenger Vehicles, Covering Major Makes On The Market. F508 Provides Full-System Diagnosis Including: Engine, AT, ABS, SRS, TPMS, SAS And More. With Years Of Experience In The Auto Diagnostics, FCar Has A Better And Bigger Database For F508. The Newly-Designed Diagnostic Tablet Has Been Upgraded To Be More Powerful In Specifications Smaller In Size And Lighter In Weight. As A Comprehensive And Cost-Effective Scanner, F508 Is Able To Serve The Need Of All Kind.


    FCar F508


    • With Years Of Experience In Auto Diagnostics, FCar Has A Better And Bigger Database For F508.
    • The Newly-Designed Diagnostic Tablet Has Been Upgraded To Be More Powerful In Specifications, Smaller In Size And Lighter In Weight.
    • As A Comprehensive And Cost-Effective Scanner, F508 Is Able To Serve The Needs Of All Kind.
    • Support Language: English, French.
    • Updates: 1 Year Free Online Updates From Official Website:¬†Http://Www.Fcar.Com/

    FCar F508 Features:

    • Android-Based System With Built-In WiFi And Bluetooth.
    • Automatically Identify Vehicles And Systems.
    • One-Click Update Identification And Feedback.
    • Full System Diagnosis For Major Brands.
    • Accurate Live Data In Table And Graph.
    • Various Special Functions Like Service Reset, Suspension And SAS.
    • Remote Control Makes It Available To Get Quick Support From FCAR.
    • Technical Information, Diagnostic Solutions And Maintenance Services.
    • Diagnostic Tablet With Higher Specifications And Better Performance.

    FCar F508 special functions


    • A/T RESET.
    • ABS Exhaust.
    • Battery Match.
    • ECU Reset.
    • EPB.
    • Lamp Adaption.
    • Odometer.
    • SAS.
    • Service Reset.
    • Smart Key Program.
    • SRS Reset.
    • Suspension.
    • Throttle Reset.
    • TPMS.
    • Windows.
    • EEPROM.
    • CKP Learning.
    • DPF.
    • ECU Program.

    FCar F508 supports bluetooth


    FCar F508 Vehicle Coverage:

    American: For Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac And GM.
    Asia: For Honda, Nissan, Lexus, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia, Isuzu, Daewoo, Suzuki And Tata
    China: For Chery, Faw Car, Foton, Geely, Haval, VW, Audi, BYD, Changhe And JAC.
    Europe: For Audi, BMW, Citroen, Dacia, Fiat, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Sprinter, Volvo And VW.


    • Screen: 8-Inch 1280*800 IPS Panel.
    • Chipset: Cortex A17 RK3288 Quad-Core Processor.
    • Connection: Bluetooth 4.0; WiFi 2.0.
    • Port: HDMI, USB2.0, Type-C, TF Slot.
    • Dimension: 232*159*27mm.
    • Camera: Rear 5MP Camera.
    • WiFi: 802.11(A/B/G/N)
    • Bluetooth: BT4.0 (BLE) Class1.
    • Battery: 5000mAh.

    Package List:

    • Main Unit Tablet.
    • MINI-VCI.
    • Nissan -14.
    • Self Diagnosis.
    • MAZDA-17.
    • HONDA-3.
    • TOYOTA-22.
    • DAEWOO-12.
    • Testing Cable.
    • DC Switch Power Supply.
    • Data Cable.
    • Lens Cloth.
    • Warranty Card.
    • PE Bag.
    • Packing List.

    R 4599.63 x 3
  • R12,499.00

    XTOOL EZ400 PRO Tablet Auto Diagnostic Tool Update Version of EZ400 Same As Xtool PS90

    The XTool EZ400 PRO Diagnostic Tool is a high-end and new style auto diagnostic device developed by XTOOL based on Android system. Its open source Android operating system provides fast boot-up and multitasking. The XTOOL EZ400 PRO Diagnostic Tool provides extensive vehicle coverage for most US, Asian and European makes, which makes it the best solution for workshops.


    • Easy registration with EZ400 PRO connected to WIFI
    • Wireless diagnosis via Bluetooth
    • One-click software update via WIFI
    • Remote access
    • Diagnosis reports in PDF file
    • Record and playback live data
    • 7 inch multi-touch screen
    • On-board battery
    • Extensive vehicle coverage for most US, Asian and European vehicle makes.

    1. Micro USB: Battery charge or data synchronization with PC.
    2. DB15 Port: Supports wired connection with car by the cable.
    3. Power Button: Power on or power off.

    EZ400 PRO Technical Parameters:

    • Operating System: Android.
    • ProcessorÔľöQuad-core 1.6GHz Processor.
    • Memory: 1G RAMÔľĆ16G FLASH.
    • Display: 7.0 inch touch screen with 1024√ó600 resolution.
    • Sensors: Gravity SensorÔľĆAmbient Light Sensor.
    • Audio Input/Output: Microphone, Dual Speakers, 4-Band 3.5 mm stereo/standard headset jack.
    • Power and Battery: 4000mAh, 3.7V lithium-polymer battery.
    • Voltage: 5V
    • Power Consumption: 8W
    • Operating Temperature: -20 to 50‚ĄÉ(-4 to 126‚ĄČ)
    • Humidity: <90%
    • Dimension (L*W*H): 218*150*29mm

    Tap on EZ400 PRO application, the main interface and sub-menus shows up as below.


    Vehicle Connection Test

    Wired Connection ¬†‚φ‚Üí‚Ď°‚Üí‚ĎĘ‚Üí‚Ď£
    a. Connect cables and EZ400 PRO in following order: ‚φ‚Üí‚Ď°‚Üí‚ĎĘ‚Üí‚Ď£
    b. Switch on the ignition and turn on EZ400 PRO tablet, tap on EZ400 PRO application to test vehicles. (Shown as follows)


    ‚φ EZ400PRO Mainframe ¬†‚Ď° Main Test Cable ¬†‚ĎĘ OBD‚Ö°-16 ¬†‚Ď£ Vehicle

    Easy registration with EZ400 Pro connected to WIFI. Do not bother using a PC for recording.

    XTOOL EZ400 PRO Update 1

    • Wireless diagnosis via ultra-fast Bluetooth technology
    • One-click update via WIFI.

    XTOOL EZ400 PRO Update 2

    Remote access, ideal for training, demonstration and even remote diagnosis.

    Diagnostic reports in PDF format. Print diagnostic report 

    XTOOL EZ400 PRO Special Feature:

    XTOOL EZ400 PRO Special Feature

    XTOOL EZ400 PRO Vehicle Coverage:

    Extended Vehicle Coverage for Most US, Asian and European Vehicle Brands

    American: GM, Chrysler, Ford, Chevrolet, Hummer, Cadillac, Saturn.

    XTOOL EZ400 PRO Vehicle Coverage 1

    Europe: Volvo, Skoda, Land Rover, Jaguar, Ford, Sprinter, Seat , Renault, Peugeot, Opel, Vauxhall, Fiat, Citroen, BMW, BENZ, Audi, VW, Porsche, Lancia, Maybach, Rolls-Royce, Mini, Smart, Transporter, Lamborghini, Gugatti, Abarth, VW_CV

    XTOOL EZ400 PRO Vehicle Coverage 2 XTOOL EZ400 PRO Vehicle Coverage 3 XTOOL EZ400 PRO Vehicle Coverage 4

    Asia: Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Isuzu, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Kia, Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda, Daihatsu, Daewoo, Scion, Holden, AU Ford and more …

    XTOOL EZ400 PRO Vehicle Coverage 5 XTOOL EZ400 PRO Vehicle Coverage 6


    China: Geely, Chery, Greatwall, Jiao, Lifan, BYD, Brilliance and more …

    XTOOL EZ400 PRO Vehicle Coverage 7

    Australia: Ford, Holden.

    XTOOL EZ400 PRO Vehicle Coverage 8

    Comprehensive system diagnosis:

    engine, ABS, airbag, transmission, immobilizer, bodywork (ECM), chassis ……

    Basic function: read fault codes, delete codes failure, real-time data, activation

    Specific live data in Wave and Dashboard form

    Special function: ABS bleeding, service lighting reset, DPF regeneration, steering angle calibration, battery reset, throttle body adaptation, service lighting reset, sensor adjustment accelerator…..

    XTOOL EZ400 PRO Package List:

    • OBD II-16
    • HONDA-3
    • BMW-20
    • TOYOTA-17
    • MAZDA-17R
    • KIA-20
    • HYUNDAI/KIA-10
    • NISSAN-14
    • GM / DAEWOO-12
    • SUZUKI-3
    • FIAT-3
    • CITROEN-2
    • AUDI-4
    • MITSUBISHI-12+16
    • BENZ-38
    • BENZ-14
    • Battery Cable
    • Cigar Lighter Cable
    • EZ400 PRO Tablet
    • Tablet Charger
    • Charger US Adapter
    • Charger EU Adapter
    • Micro USB Cable
    • Tool Case
    • Certificate of Quality
    • Packing List
    • User Manual
    • Carton

    XTOOL EZ400 PRO Package List

    R 4791.29 x 3
  • R12,999.00

    Ancel FX6000 Kit Diagnostic Tool All System ODB2 Scanner Automotive Code Reader For Key EPB IMMO DPF SAS TMPS Immo Programming With Adaptors 

    Top Reason to Chose Ancel FX6000 kit Car Diagnostic Tool:

    1. 100% Ancel Original ,ONE year warranty and forever update online.
    2. All software have been installed in the device, you can use it directly.
    3. Lifetime free software update online.
    4. Full systen diagnostic and support OBD1(before 1996 Year) and OBD2(after 1996-2017) vehicle with full OBD adapter.
    5. Classic game player desgin and large size LCD display.
    6. Multi language support, anybody can use it.

    Ancel FX6000 kit Full System Diagnostic Tool Coverage:

    1. Engine drive system check.
    2. Automatic Transmission Diagnostic.
    3. ABS EPB Antilock Brake System.
    4. SRS Airbag Crash Data Reset.
    5. SAS Steering Angle Sensor Reset.
    6. Oil Light Serive Reset.
    7. Suspenstion System Adjustment.
    8. Audio System.
    9. IMMO Immobilizer System.
    10. ESP ASC Brake System.
    11. SAS Steering Angle System.
    12. Air Conditioning System.
    13. DPF System.
    14. Air Condition System.
    15. Auto Headlamp System.
    16. ACC System.
    17. Car Radio Audio System.
    18. Car Door Windows System.
    19. Battery Manager System.
    20. TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System and So On System, Support Most of Car Drive, Powertrain, Chassis and Body System Diagnose, Error Scan, Reset, Activate, Reprogramming, Relearning, Coding etc Function

    Ancel FX6000 Built-in Multi-language: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Polish, Korean, Russian.

    ANCEL FX6000 Support Car List:

    • Asian Car (1992 to 2017 model)
      for AU Ford , for Acura, for Daewoo, for Honda, for Holden, for Hyundai, for Isuzu, for Infiniti, for Kia, for Lexus, for Mazda, for Mitsubishi, for Nissan, for Perodua, for Proton, for Scion, for Subaru, for Suzuki, for Toyota.
    • European Car (1992-2017 model)
      For Audi, for Abarth, for Alfa-Romeo, for Aston Martin, for BMW, for Bugatti, for Bentley, for Citroen, for Dacia, for EU Ford, for Ferrari, for Fiat, for Jaguar, for Lamborghini, for Lancia, for Land Rover, for Maserati, for Mini, for Maybach, for Mercedes Benz, for Opel, for Peugeot, for Porsche, for Renault, for Rolls, for Saab, for Seat, for Skoda, for Smart, for Sprinter, for Vauxhall, for Volvo, for VW, for VWCV.
    • American Car (1992-2017 model)
      for Chrysler, for Ford, for GM, for Jeep, for Dodge, for Chevrolet
      Note: Specific car model support list,refer to the actual support list, please send message to seller before send order.

    Lifetime Online Free Upgrade Steps:

    1. Download update client from Ancel official net.
    2. Plug main unit via UBS cable, then online registration in details and submit the form.
    3. Registration successful and keep in mind the user information.
    4. Select the car makers and language version according to your need.
    5. Press download to update the latest software version.

    R 4982.95 x 3