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Fcar-F3-W (World Cars) support online update free for one year


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Fcar-F3-W (World Cars) Support Multi-pal Languages  

Fcar-F3-W Highlights:

  1. It is specialized to design for the diagnosis of petrol engine electronic control systems by FCAR Company.
  2. Free update for 1 year, after 1 year, update cost 600USD/year
  3. Multi-language

Fcar-F3-W follows the international standard design and adopts the advanced modularized design technology. It can diagnose all kinds of petrol control systems quickly and easily, especially available for China, Europe, America, Japan, Malaysia and Korea and so on. It provides multi-language platform to meet different customers’ demands. Its wide touch color screen, exquisite look, integrated structural design, single-track working and operation model with super touching screen, these special designs make you feel cozy and freely.


Testing the global mainstream gasoline + 12V diesel vehicles, reaching to the same effect with the OEM scanners. Built-in high and low speed CAN-BUS,one diagnostic connector can test all the CAN-BUS vehicles. Support almost all OBD-II protocols.


Package parameters:

  1.  Products with Main Unit, Diagnostic Connectors, Testing Cables and other accessories attached
  2.  Overall size with Extra protection box) for 1pcs: 56CM*55CM*20CM



Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 56 × 55 × 20 cm